Sunday, 10 April 2011

Vote Pakatan= vote dinosaurs, change is the last thing you will see

Pakatan Rakyat is known for their reluctance to changem in fact the DAP has seen so many attempts to remove the oldest political dinosaur in the country and his family, Lim Kit Siang but every time he still stays on and continues to bleed his constituency of theri right to be properly represented.

The same goes for Kit Siang's buddy, Karpal Sing who now has his son Gobind running as member of Parliament, for a party that has a small number of seats in parliament they sure have many father-son or father daughter combo...

Of course there is Anwar and Nurul Izzah and previously Wan Azizah...

Nik Aziz has his son Nik Nazmi waiting in the wings, these people are not for change, in fact they are the opposite of wanting change.

The resistance to change was so great that it caused the collapse of the DAP-controlled Perak State Government.

While they are of course keen to promote the idea that the members of parliament were pursued by BN, the truth is they were repulsed by the racial politics that permeated the DAP-controlled Perak State Government.

Voting the opposition in Sarawak is tantamount to disrespect to democracy because they are liars and self-interested politicians whose main concern is power and, ultimately money.

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