Monday, 28 March 2011

Guan Eng: No open tender for WiFi project

From The Star

GEORGE TOWN: Only one public-listed company has come forward to provide free broadband access under the Penang Government's free WiFi initiative, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
He said an open tender system was not offered for the project as the state government wanted a reputable company to take charge.
“The company has to be public-listed, so there is some sort of guarantee,” he said when asked why there was no open tender for the project.
Lim said REDtone International Bhd was willing to provide and maintain 750 free WiFi hotspots in public areas in the state without any funding from the state government under the first phase.
“Under phase two, the state government is paying RM8.49mil to install 750 free WiFi hotspots over the next five years in Penang,” he said after launching the Penang for Japan Disaster Relief Charity Drive at Straits Quay in Tanjong Tokong yesterday.


  1. only one company can adapt the agreement of job, and also only one interest in this project. Do you think need to tender? poor brain even no brain countryman. Pity of you all

  2. Phase 1 free.. Phase 2 - RM8.49 mil.. What a clever bastard..

  3. why only one company can adapt? because no open tender lar bongok! you think people are stupid, jgn belakon la bahalol

  4. mmg bangang punya org..ingat blh tipu mata rakyat ke.???.tapi nape msh ramai yg tk sedar